The Iconic Tobacconist

Introducing: Maria

Maria was born, raised and educated in the Dominican Republic, a country well known for its production of sugar, tropical fruits, coffee, and of course tobacco. She was fortunate to receive formal education from the University of Minnesota, where she earned her degree. A few years later, she went back to The Dominican Republic and worked with her abuelo to learn the fine craft of rolling cigars and understanding tobacco.


"I loved my time with my grandfather," she says, "and I get to relive it every time I teach someone a little about tobacco and cigars."


For nearly two decades now, Maria has been working and perfecting her craft.  Her clients include US congressmen, celebrities and professional athletes. She is in high demand during the golf season in Minnesota, being the most sought after tobacconist for visiting dignitaries during the Ryder Cup Tournament and has become an icon in cigar circles for companies with a global presence; hence the name.

There is only one Maria. If you want a one of a kind event, ask if the Iconic Tobacconist is available.

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